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Our Streets, Our Future

Office of the State's Attorney for Prince George's County

‘Our Streets, Our Future’ initiative  is a countywide strategy aimed to reduce gun violence within Prince George’s County.  This initiative was designed and launched as a key community engagement effort to addressing gun violence as a collaborative problem-solving approach to the prevention, intervention, and prosecution model.  The Office of the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County, in partnership with community partners, stakeholders, advocates, other public safety agencies, elected officials, and business leaders have invited county residents to be a part of the ‘Our Streets, Our Future’ initiative to develop and implement a comprehensive and community strategy which includes the use of violence interrupters and intervenors to reduce the occurrences of gun violence and related incidents in and around Prince George’s County.  It will consist of several community engagement events, community walks, knock and talk activities, and neighborhood watch programs throughout the various communities within the county. While the goal is to reduce gun violence and related incidents, we also know that another key component to the overall strategy for this initiative is to provide individuals with the resources and services that they need, including mentorship opportunities.

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