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Office of the State's Attorney for Prince George's County

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The Office of the State’s Attorney for Prince George’s County launched ”Operation Protect the Right to Vote for All” to ensure the voting rights for pre-trial detainees and inmates.  There are an estimated 7,000 people in the state of Maryland being held pretrial who have the right to vote, according to a recent article on National Public Radio’s website. This initiative is designed to ensure that pre-trial detainees and inmates currently held at the detention facility can vote.

We held voter registration drives for inmates to receive absentee ballot applications and applications to register to vote. The goal was to engage all of the inmates held in the facility with the understanding that every single vote is critical, every vote counts and we want to ensure that we protect their rights. Our “Protect the Vote” outreach also includes other vulnerable populations that are often overlooked like immigrants, seniors, and individuals in the LGBTQ community.  We have held a number of voter drives aimed at those populations as well.

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